Could use some WIP feedback (ambient, pink-floydy maybe)

General feedback appreciated. I am a bit concerned about whether the background strings/pad sounds are too monotonous or boring. Thanks.

I want to reply in more depth, but my computer is tweaking out right now, so I’ll see how far I get.

When making music in general, you need to continually create new interest to encourage your listener to continue to explore your track, but this is even more apparent in percussion-less music. For example your first two patterns introduce the atmosphere and timbre of your piece, as well as the starting point for the tonality. Then the bass sound comes in at pattern 3 to give the listener something new to pay attention to as the chords become background atmosphere.

Where your problems start in with the guitar melody line. The line in general isn’t very strong as a melody itself, and therefore it fades into atmosphere of the track as an embellishment over the chords. At about pattern 6, there isn’t any clear drive to the music, as nothing new is introduced and the melody isn’t strong enough to carry the listener’s attention. Even with the percussive element added in the last two patterns, there really isn’t a lot of drive, so it starts to come off as lifeless.

Personally, I would try to change up the chords and do something different with the tonality. All of your chords so far have been major primary chords. It would be interesting to go from a Cmaj to a B7 (B,D#,A,) and then to an Em chord somewhere in there.

So yeah, your options are: stronger melody line, chord diversity (you have too many major chords), pitch line interest, and some more interesting background sounds to divert attention from the chords.

Great feedback, thank you. It does feel like a bit of a scale exercise, chord-wise. :slight_smile: