Count how many times an instrument is used in a track

(Mannaz230) #1

A couple of years ago I asked about a way to count how many times an instrument is used in a song and some extrememly helpful soul gave me a link to a tool that will read the instrument list, count the number of times each sample/instrument is used in the song, and add the count number to the name of the sample/instrument.

It was called something like Count Occurences and the output looked like this:

Note the numbers at the start of each sample name.

Unfortunately, I reformatted my computer last month and lost my tools and can’t find the forum thread or tool page for this lifesaver.

Please help.

(joule) #2

This might be it:


Maybe? ->

I’m getting good at double posting :wink: See the fellow above :slight_smile:

(Mannaz230) #4

Awesome, that’s the one. Cheers!