Couple of little touches I was hoping for


I’m really getting into the new beta versions. I’m especially grateful for the scroll bar on the pattern edit!! Thank you! Thank you!

OK, I posted this before, and thought it might be a simple one for you guys but…

I could really do with the option to have the left click of the mouse control the position of the edit cursor on the pattern editor. As in, be able to left-click a note and be magically centred there ready to change/delete it or whatever. I’d be SO sorted.

Other things I crave for, are:

WINDOWS clipboard support (paste samples into RNS from other apps)

Ability to drag ‘Blocks’ around the pattern

Thanks for a great tracker.

(On hands and knees, praying)


very good suggestions :yeah:

being able to paste sampledata from other windows applications would be a godsend on this end… that would be pretty fantastic.

I have to second the pattern click suggestion. Many a time have I clicked the pattern only to find myself dissipated of all hope when nothing happened.