Couple Of My Ideas + Any Renoise Roadmap ?

Hi everyone here i will post all my ideas that i have for renoise, i actually posted 2 of them already. But the reason why i start a new post for all of them is i want to really know if those idea were already discussed or planned. I made some research on the forum and it were not very conclusive. So excuse myself if this were already discussed i do not want to make forum pollution, but if it is please just guide me to the thread. Its just that i am very happy with what renoise made to my music production and i cant wait for any new needs that next versions will create to me.

So Here there are :

Visual timestreching in sample editor
Built-in minimal synth (Square, Triangle, noise ect…)
PluginGrabber with track effect
PluginGrabber with track effect in track selection
Sub Folder Search Into the disk Browser
Ability to load video into the sample editor (remix a video could be a lot simpler and when triggering the sample could effect the video as well, kind of like the famous boxxy remix on the videos page)
Ability to load multiple sample at once and be already mapped and distributed on keyboard as one instrument (Like a drumkit)

in fact i could have my anwser if renoise had a roadmap for upcoming releases, does it exist ?

And keep in mind that these are just ideas i am not asking an absolute to programmers but if this could happen i would be very happy :) !

Thank you all of you and have a very nice day !

install ReSynth4, coded by mxb.

this exists. select multiple samples and drag them into your Sample Keyzone -view (mid-frame). the closer to the top you drag the files - the less keyrange they have. the lower you drag them, the more keyrange they have per sample.

as per the raodmap, i hope renoise people never change their stance of “no roadmap, no talk of future features, no nothing, we’ll just appear suddenly with a beta version and you’ll be completely bowled over. again. and again.”. because it works.

p.s. i was kinda shocked to notice that the plugin grabber doesn’t use track-efx.

Wow thi is what i call an anwser !!! Thank you a lot for this information !!!

I wish we could have a thanks button on this forum that way after 10 thanks a blonde could magicaly appear to you and give you a wish…