Couple Works In Progress. 1 Finished

Song title - c64 Messiah - Catch Me - EPIC - 3 parts. Listen to entire song fools
Download - c64 Messiah - Catch Me - Epic

Here is the video link of it using the cartoon Tom & Jerry. Many positive comments about this -
Video - c64 Messiah - Catch Me EPIC - Myspace video

Song title - c64 Messiah - Orchestral Angst
Download - c64 Messiah - Orchestral Angst WORK IN PROGRESS

Used an Orchestra VST - no samples

Here is the video to it from myspace -

Orchestral Angst - Myspace Video Link

Song title - c64 Messiah - Old Country
Download - c64 Messiah - Old Country - Work in Progress

I started this song May 1st of 2007.

I like the sound of it. At 2 minutes it used to have some busy crap in the background. I think I need to do something with it.

The chopped up break samples in the background are really distorted. Almost sounds like cowbell :P

Anyways, any direction?

I posted it a while ago and I think someone said to speed it up. So it’s a big faster than the original I posted.

Speed 3 BMP 330 but the length of each track is 256 to give me ample resolution.

No samples other then the fuzzy super distorted break sample clips I arranged.