Cover Contest By Justice

Bitting maes [?] G+ updates, posting here.

“cover contest by +Justice if any of you guys are into that or didn’t know. deadline 10 december tho. any track off their latest album.”


Justice gave props to a tune made in Renoise, something like a million fans on their Facebook page? Anyway. here’s the G+ version:


Good times.

Notice anything?

WOAH!!! :unsure:

^ i just notice lots of characters and an unplugged MPD.


i don’t understand how it’s even possible to NOT think of fake-plugging equipment if you’re in a situation where you need/want to pose playing live…
c’mon!!! if you’re faking it, at least do it properly goddammmmiit.
or maybe they’re just mocking the world, laughin’ it up backstage, fake-drinkin and fake-smokin ;)

They have those custom plugs at the bottom of their gear, with wires going down through holes in the desk. It’s called a fake fake! ;)

lmao its called being a pair of class A dildos :rolleyes:

well, for what it’s worth, i think their music is pretty great.