CPU for breakfast..

Ok, so I have 1333mHz, 512mb RAM, 40 gb hardrive, SBLive… otherwords a good or mediocore system but I’ve noticed that when I start using softsynths such as FM7 and Pro-52 along with some VST reverbs inside Renoise, my CPU meets the limit very soon. The ingrated reverb doesn’t eat so much but the VST reverbs especially take a huge chunk of the cpu (compared eg. to Fruityloops or Cubase) so I’m unable to use proper amount of synths and effects I need… that’s why I’m having a hard time decide whether to stick with Renoise or go back to FL. I need more power when sequencing…

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Stick to renoise ! :slight_smile:

Even with my Celeron @ 420Mhz it’s sometimes slow… It will make you learn how to produce more efficient music because of your hardware limitation.

It’s just a personal opinion, but I think you get to push your hardware further when you’re limited, and when you have shitloads of power you tend to be lazy :slight_smile:

You do have a point there, it’s just that I’ve been doing that with trackers(battling against limitations) for 7 years now and I kinda want to be lazy at this point if u know what I mean… :D

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hehe so I’m not the only one who started to think this way…

maybe we’re just getting old…
or, as it’s called for artists, we’re getting mature :rolleyes: