Cpu Level

This is my question: which is the relationship between the CPU’s level meter on the top right of the main window and the other on the bottom right in VST instrument window in the intr. settings menu??

I ask this because I’m using 4 istances of Kontakt (and 1 plug per track. While the CPU meter on the top right is at about 70%, in the VST intr menu every istance doesn’t go beyond 1%, so 4% in total… Sounds weird to me…

Am I missing something??

well, thats only the cpu for the VSTi … you need to add all the plugins, the mixing done by renoise and all the other stuff to the CPU … the cycles used by the VSTi’s are only a part of the overall CPU-Load used by renoise. (but isnt this obvious ?)

No it isn’t, because I’m using only 4 reverbs (from Renoise’s native effects) and one pattern. Now don’t tell me that 4 Renoise built in reverbs take up to 65% of CPU load…

And the CPU taken up by the UI… which is a considerable amount, at least for me.