Cpu Meter

some users i noticed have a little problem discerning audio load and cpu load - maybe add a small display to differentiate between both of them? maybe A:xx% C:xx%

or maybe try adding a separate profiling page to see how much cpu a vsti takes? something like what i saw in buzz… might solve a lot of cpu related issues - users can tweak on their own based on the vsti usage?

i completely second that thought.
it’s always quite a hassle to determine which vsti / vst fx is the one consuming all the resources without a individual consumer load listing.

i also thought about it sometime ago… maybe it could some “Resources” page where could be also “free mem” and stuff…

This sounds nearly Skale-like :ph34r:

Well, I´m not a professional in technical stuff but wouldn´t such a function also eat a bit more up of your ressources then? (calculating or realtime, bla)