CPU usage in Renoise 3 bit higher than in 2.8

Simply having more Empty instrument slots in your instrument browser increases the CPU usage of Renoise.
This is not the case in Renoise 2.8, atleast not on my computer.

Maybe there are some processes in the background that run all the time in the sampler and the more samples you have the more CPU is used even though nothing runs and no sound is emmited.

Renoise 3 does seem to require more CPU and is more laggy in general when in playback too.
I thought a new update would mean a faster DAW? Isnt that a priority i rather have a smooth DAW than a slow sampler.

Yes …when you are in the instruments section /modulation envelope …;is more taxing on cpu …
Let’s see what the dev’s will do about it …fingers crossed

I can confirm Lain’s issue that CPU usage increases with empty instrument slots. In 3.0.0 b3, with about C0 number of slots CPU goes up to 3.0%, in 2.8.1 with same number of slots, CPU is at 1.0%. (about a 0.2% increase from idle)

I wish there was an auto-suspend-always-on option in the menu for plugins, as it’s kinda awkward to go into the plugin window to click it every time after generating a new plugin instance. I was wondering why my idle CPU was so high until I realized that the auto-suspend is manual now.

Confirmed here - the two values represent baseline load / 255 empty instruments

2.8 : 0.05% / 0.06%
3.0 : 1.0% / 2.4%

Mac Mini, 2GHz dualcore 4GB ram, WinXP

Can you elaborate on this? Does the sound drop out (VERY serious), or it is simply the GUI that feels laggy sometimes?

Sure R3 can use more CPU with the new features and all, but you are providing a rather loose description of your experience.
See also

I have yet to run into problems with sound drop/clicking (Currently at 20ms Latency cause soundcard broke but im Unsure how it will perform with my new soundcard).
My main concern is the GUI & CPU footprint, however minor it might seem. Adding empty instrument slots should NOT affect CPU as it does. Because they are EMPTY and not Running.

I have a GTX770 GPU, more than enough to run the Crysis games all Maxed out at 60+ fps, yet i can not run Renoise at 60fps?.
Spectrum analyzer and phase view gets choppy, especially when you have more instruments/samples. (seems at 20fps sometimes).
(Would be nice to be able to turn Anti-Alias OFF for the spectrum analyzer/Phase btw wink or ghosting).

My main concern is that this will be overlooked because it’s a small issue.
This might lead to Renoise having more and more memory leaks or background processes even in idle in the future.

I want a fast DAW rather than a sluggish Sampler.

This. Please?

We’re obviously not ignoring this issue. Final optimization usually is (and must be) done at the end of the process of adding new stuff. I can’t promise that 3.0 is going to be faster than 2.8, but I think there’s room for some small speedup improvements here and there…

On Linux x86, b4 seems to be a lot better performance wise - almost equal to 2.8.2 I would say

Yes here too. Beta 4 on Mint 15 MATE 64 bit works fine and faster than B3.

Yes, we applied a few small optimizations for B4 already. Few more are to come.


I’d like to know if it is possible to optimize CPU usage of Groups (busses). I use a lot of them in my workflow and they degrade heavily performance making it impossible to play a song on my computer (Renoise x64 2.8.1, 2.8.2, 3.0.0b6 - on a i7 860 @2.8Ghz win 7 64x) with around 15 tracks, 3 groups and one send used (for example).

Thank you.