Cpu Usage


In the new features list I read:

" ± Option to disable visual effects, for slower PC’s. "

… where is this option?

Is this about the config-> graphics…?

Also: the CPU consumption indicator in Renoise and the Task Manager (or SpeedSwitchXP) report very different CPU load numbers. Usually in Renoise the declared CPU load is 30% lower.


1] Gonfig => GUI => Global => Enable ‘GUI effects’

2] the CPU load indicator does not take in account the graphic and VST plugins load

what you mean doesnt take into account vst load?? :blink:

Ok. I tried to disable/enable that, but didn’t notice any difference.

Edit: …if I understood the manual right, the difference is only noticed during some gui transitions…

sure it doesn’t incorporate the VST-plugins load, IT-Alien?
when i enable/disable any VST plugin, i get an instant increase/decrease on renoise’s CPU meter, so i’m pretty sure they actually are taken into account.
however renoise’s GUI and those of VST-plugins and -instruments are not included in the calculation.
you will notice that a minimized renoise will take much less resources than a maximized one, when playing a song.

keith: yes, you’re right; of course I meant the GUI of VST’s, sorry; what I wanted to say is that the CPU meter calculates the audio CPU load

indeed, you can see the load of each VST in the instruments properties