Cranky MIDI devices with 3.0.0


Apologies for my noobness. I have a couple of problems I have been unable to solve with the documentation and searching the forums. (The background: 4 hw synths connected to ESI M8U XL (MIDI IF) which in turn is connected to the computer via USB. Renoise sees 8 midi in and out devices and everything is smooth.)

My problems are:

  1. One of the synths wants the Bank change messages MSB first but when clicking the Bank change in instrument editor it sends LSB 32 first. Is there any way to define by instrument if MSB or LSB is sent first?

  2. If i’m not completely wrong, some synths send stuff MSB-LSB-MSB (or vice versa) in order to be compatible with other synths which don’t follow their convention of byte order. Is it possible to enable this kind of mode with renoise?

  3. Some older synths don’t have all their parameters assigned to CC numbers but want them sent as sysex messages. I would be thrilled if I had the option to write SysEx messages (and NRPN stuff) into the patterns (the same way as CC messages can be written). Having this would be a true killer feature for me as I’m using Renoise mostly for tracking MIDI synths.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

bank change is simple in the Instrument editor and MIDI section… all synths have bank and program changes with a simple midi no need msblsb codes…

some synth use sysex data to change parameters try to set up in GURU (tool for renoise)

u can send SysEx and NRPN with Guru…