crash in Renoise (maybe due to MOTU config)

I’m sorry…I’m french and my english is poor…so, I try to write as much as better ! :)
So, I use Renoise on Windows 8 with Motu 828MK2 in USB…
I don’t understand what but Renoise crash just a few minute after that I use it.
I paste you my crash log :
"Application: Successfully loaded ‘debutmelody1.xrns’.

DirectShowAudio: Failed to hide the ‘Active Movie Window’: [80004002]

Application: Exit…

Shut down: Stopped the Player

Threads: Timeout while waiting for Thread2 to finish its commands!!

MIDI: Loading MIDI actions from file ‘C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\GlobalMidiActions.lua’…

Osc: Loading OSC actions from file ‘C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.8.1\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua’…

Player: Constructing…
Player: Creating the slave threads…
Player: Start running…

GUI: Creating the Document GUI…
GUI: Successfully constructed

Shut down: Released the old Document

MIDI: Shut down: Closing all acquired MIDI devices…

Threads: Timeout while waiting for Thread2 to finish its commands!!

MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘3- USB Keystation 88es In [1]’

Shut down: Stopped and released all MIDI-Devices

ASIO: Stop Polling…
ASIO: Releasing MOTU Audio ASIO…

Shut down: Stopped and released the active Audio-Device
Shut down: Destroyed the Player
Shut down: Destroyed the Window and all Views
Shut down: Destroyed the Document
Shut down: Saving the preferences

GraphPort: Releasing DirectX…

Shut down: Destroyed the GraphPort
Shut down: Destroyed the Preferences
Shut down: App is down

Application: Exit OK
Application: Finalizing the API…

Closing log file…"
Any person have an idea of my problem?
Thank at all.

does it crash when you don’t load any xrns in memory ?

Thank Kurtz for your Help…
So, I try to use Renoise without loading any xrns. I just play with a VST and my midi control and after few minutes (approximatly 45 minutes) I meet same problem…

you should make some other tests such as :

  • playing with VSTi / VST without the MIDI controller
  • playing with the MIDI controler (but without a VSTi / VST), just use a sample and native DSPs for example and try to control things with your controler

Just to see if the crash comes from the VSTi/VST usage, or the controler itself…


  • you should also try to make those tests without the MOTU, for example, using the chipset from your computer (even if it’s awfull, it’ll help you to determine if your windows 8 drivers are just instable - you know that MOTU had this problem of drivers instability each time a new Windows version has been released).

Ok…thank a lot for all your responses…
I will try all and I will posting a new message to tell you is Renoise going wrong without controller, or without Motu…

are your MOTU drivers up to date? a couple of years ago there were problems with MOTU drivers and Renoise

Ok, so…I tried to use Renoise WITHOUT my MOTU 828 MK2 (USB) WITH my controlleur and…Renoise work fine…I Haven’t any problem with my soundcard of my laptop…So, My problem is…Motu !
To answer @ It-Alien : Yes…I have upgraded my Driver on Windows 8…but, Perhaps is my Motu settings who was wrong…
Ifa person who know well this sound Card (Motu 828 MK2 usb) can tell me if this settings are good…
Here is my Motu Settings :
In general Tab :
Sample Rate : 44100
Sample Per Buffer : 256
Master Clock Source : Internal
there is just “Use Stereo Pairs for Windows Audio” Ticked.

In 828MK2 Tab :
Optical Input : Adat
Optical Output : Adat
Phones Assignement : Adat 1-2

Just to specify my laptop that I use with Renoise :
I7 with 8Go RAM
Hard Drive : SSD Samsung

I Use Yamaha 01V with ADAT adaptator.

Thank to all for your help…My problem it clarifying gradually…^^

Ok, all is all right now…I just have a bad configuration on my SoundCard Motu…My problem is now resolved. Thanks at all for yhou help ! ^^

Sorry to put a new message in this thread but infortunately, my Renoise crached again last night in the same condition even that change my audio config on my sound card Motu. I greatfull anyone have an idea about my problem no solved again…
Thank a lot.