Crash On Loading Manually Edited Xml

Was trying to set up a vocoder using the signal followers and thought I’d save myself some time by editing the XML.
Almost definitely bad data on my part but I thought I should probably report since it was a fatal error.

Can’t seem to upload the attachment even though it’s well below the maximum size, so I’m putting it on my webspace:

There will always be ways to make Renoise crash when manually editing/corrupting song files. All I could do here is offering my help to get this song file “fixed”.

The shemas can not check stuff like “theres automation for a track that doesn’t exist and so on”. Its not enough to check the documents structure. We would also have to check the whole logic of the song files content.

Of course all this is possible to do, but at the end its not really worth it just to validate manually edited/created song files?

If Renoise would save such a file by its own, then its clearly a bug in Renoise that has to be fixed - not a bug in the validator. Thats a different story…

That’s kind of what I thought. I don’t want to take time away from development. This is such a minor thing. The only thing I can think of that would be nice for these kinds of situations would be some kind of dialog w/ debug info (e.g. “attempted to load automation for nonexistent track 4”) that could be used to correct problems in the song structure. But that too would take development time and I’d much rather see that scripting engine come to fruition.

The schema validation sounds handy. I will check that out when it’s released for 2.5. Thanks and keep up the good work! (I’ll be gladly paying 39EUR for the upgrade as soon as 2.6 comes out)

By the way I did get the vocoder to kind of work :) The signal follower is amazing.…mp;#entry178740