Crashed 2.5, Lost My Xrns And Cant Find The Backup :/


I’m new to Renoise, as you may know. Recently, I was working on a song and saved it on a disk that was out of space. Renoise subsequently gave me an error warning, but then crashed anyway. However it did save a backup. Unfortunately, I cannot find the track (which is normal since I ran out of space) but more importantly I cannot find the crash backup, as Renoise did not suggest opening it when I restarted and the address is not in the log. I am on Win7 now, and here is the end of my crash log, any suggestions welcome.

Application: Saving ‘cau_2010_2.xrns’…

Exception: bad allocation

Application: Caught exception in GUI: bad allocation

Error Message: bad allocation

Warning Message: Memory is getting low! Please free up some memory, save the current document under a new name and !restart! Renoise.
Warning Message: This message is only shown once…

Application: Saving a backup…

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : E06D7363
CrashLog: 756a9617: ??? +00000

Application: Caught an unhandled exception (Thread: GUI)!
Application: Saving a backup…

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : E06D7363
CrashLog: 756a9617: ??? +00000

ASIO: Stop Polling…
ASIO: Releasing ASIO TC Near…

MIDI: Shut down: Closing all acquired MIDI devices…
MIDI: Closing MME Midi-In device ‘TC Near’

GraphPort: Releasing DirectX…

On XP they’re stored somewhere like:
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Renoise\V2.5.0\CrashBackups\

It might be a slightly different directory on Windows 7, but I’m guessing it’s pretty similar.

I have found a folder with the following address :


However it doesn’t the file saved in the log :(

If your target-drive for the to be saved song was the same as your windows root-drive, i guess, there was not enough space to save the song either in the crashbackups folder.
Turning on the autosave backup option in Renoise is your best option the next time your compose some work.
We can’t tell it enough apparently

Also, if this some win7 UAC shit I’m through my PC out of the window.

Any ideas Taktik?

vvois : the crash backup directory is logically on c:\ which has plenty of space
The drive which ran out of space was an external drive

It looks like something crashed while saving the song, so saving the backup didn’t worked. “Error Message: bad allocation” is not from us, but probably from a plugin. Sorry, we can’t recover anything here anymore :( .