Craziest Video You'll Ever See

A friend of mine from college has made one super-crazy-assed video for a youtube-based contest worth $10,000 and he’s currently in the top 10. When I watched this thing, I couldn’t stop laughing for like 10 minutes, and I almost got in shit at work for it… I figured it was worth a shot to post it on the forums here and see if I can get him some more votes… the video is worth the watch in itself, but then he’s got this other video showing how to vote for him too… which although not as funny, is still kinda humerous. Either way, please check out both videos, and if you feel the need to spread some good karma, by all means vote for him! :D

The contest video:

The vote-guide video:

haha it’s cool :D

but you are aware that ING and the lion are trademarks of ING bank from holland?

HAHAHA! Damn it. It was so funny. I have to see it again… See ya! :w00t:

ING is the company holding the contest

ING is big in Canada, I have an account with them, too.

Good luck with the video.

I gotta remember to vote again today… apparently youtube allows people to vote once a day :o

If you use a web-proxy or cgi-proxy, you could vote more times on a day.

delete cookies, reconnect to the web. there you got. vote as vote can