Crazy Dual Opteron Synth

OpenSynth NEKO 64™

I wonder what the standard is in year 2014 B)

I think this comes 10 years too late. Who wants to carry this monster to a live act today ? :)

Precisely! The monster - a correct word for this unit. :blink:

Much easier to use notebook with midi-controllers and favourite VSTi’s for live acts and music creation without any binding to heavy hardware…
… except studio monitors maybe… but you can check your mix in a studio later anyway !


i think very soon this baby will be the de-facto standard of all musicians. in 10 years time you’d see them in radioshack and modded to death by geeks hehe.

maybe embedded version of renoise version for it? :lol:

i like the fact that my setup breaks up into a laptop in a backpack, and two cases i can easily carry in my hands (keyb &mixer). having one large awkward thing in some space-age looking case would bug me. but the dual opteron mainboard would be nice thank you.