Crazy Sample Map Bug Infection

a month or so ago i wrote about a problem i found with the sample mapping in a rns file i got from a friend.

well now its spread, its made its way into a bunch of shit somehow. whats worse is it completely messes up the way i write.

so today i go an open an oldschool mod i c/p a section of some vox an heres the problem again.
but only a little bit at the end.
so i go an load up some more samples i start writing an PRESTO the bug has spread into my clean samples!
i wish this would stop. in the future i can see stuff like this making me completely stop supporting renoise.
since i am kinda pissed off at the moment, im not going to write this anymore. i dont feel like looking for an email address to send this mod to so if the DEVS want to look at this i will send it.
but beware once you see the problem. You will see it again I’m Positive.

okay so now ive looked at it more.
it has the same behavior on osx an windows.
i loaded the original mod i was using and the original vocal sample has some offset problem.
i also loaded the clean samples into a clean rns and they are fine.
only when loading these clean samples into this oldschool mod does the problem occur.
i would imagine that if i was to take any of the samples out of the mod in question they would bring the offset problems with them. and corupt the clean rns.
is there some way to fix this?

this problem ive stumbled upon effects other samples also. so if any one of the samples have a messed up mapping then other samples will exhibit the same or similar behavior.

What exactly is the problem/bug? Feel free to send me the mod (taktik at …).

Taktik: heres the screenshot i wrote about.

what this is showing is that the block of green is the selection. it reads from 65 to FF so of course everything after that selection is reading and reacting as FF.

edit: it seems im having an extra bad day, ive rewrote the email message 5 times an tried sending it 7 times. gmail is having fun with me.
maybe you actually got 1 or 7 messages from me?
i hope you at least got 1 but i dont think you did.
i will try again tomorrow. ive had way too much of this.
when ideas of smashing thousands dollar laptops comes up its time to take a break!

Got no mail from you, but I guess you are a victim of the “09/Pitch Amiga/FTII compatibility mode”.

When this compatibility mode is on (which is true for all imported XMs and MODs - see Renoises “SongProperties” Tab), the offset effect will not divide the whole sample into 0xFF parts, but play the sample from sample Offset*256 instead. This is how the offset mode behaves in Mods and XMs.