Creamware Scope & Renoise

Hey There!

Since my Virus TI does’nt work properly in Renoise (and the rest of all sequencers, so lets say the Virus TI just does’nt work!), i want to sell my virus and get a creamware scope profesional card.

Creamware homepage

So i am looking for some userexperiences from renoise users who also use one of the Creamware Scope DSP cards in Renoise.

Just to make sure it works 100% in renoise before i make the same mistake with that Virus TI (total irritation)

So… anyone?

according to this thread, user escii uses it. He should reply soon since he reads this forum frequently. Anyway, you could drop him an email via forum

heres escii - heres punishment ;)

It works - but like every system not 100 % even windows deoesn`t work 100 %.

However…Xtc mode is possible but dont expect much of the results...its like in normal live don´t use xtc ;)

However it`s really smart to rout the several singals through the pulsarmodules, although you have to rerecord erverything using a multitracker.

Sometime I had better results with rendering, esp. when you are using specialized vst mastering plug-ins. the pulsar ones are not too well I´d say.
And dont expect that much in the furture, there wont be an pcie version of scope, so the scope days are almost over. This card uses technology from 1999 and weve got 2006 already ;)

Im running renoise in a scope 3.1 environment (pulsar 1 & 2 srb).