Create Doofer from selected devices

Would be nice to shift select a few dsp devices then right click -> create doofer from selected…

Or something like that. Cheers

+1 about that, though it’s not much trouble to drag them one by one…

another question, is there no way to control doofer parameters through pattern commands?

/* edit */ oh yeah there totally is :D i wasn’t clicking at the right place. this rocks!!!

This will be possible if we ever implement multi-select within the chains and other similar areas.

In the meantime, you can at least right-click the DSP chain area and choose: Device Chain > Combine into Doofer

The Doofer parameters are normal parameters like any other device. Simply put x1yy into your pattern, or x2yy, and so on. Right-click and drag the knobs if you’re not sure which parameter index you need to tweak, and the value will be recorded into the pattern (or automation envelope) for you.

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Cool, I missed that, it will do for me :)