Create Midi Voice With Own Samples

I’d like to create MIDI voices from scratch…
I don’t have a clue how to do it,
but it would be really useful,
for renoise (save space in instrument box, and also time loading samples
eg. by creating entire drum set in midi)
This would also help playing my electronic drum kit live with more than presets :D

I don’t think renoise does it…
Is there any free/shareware…?
how is it done?

You mean that you want to change programs or channels?

With MIDI controls this works just simply here:

If you want to do this with a VST instrument you can add an extra Alias of the instrument (e.g. a free sampler plugin like SFZ which plays soundfont sets) and set the channel for each instrument. That is at least a method for multi-layer support.

that is something i’ve wondered a long time: if it is possible to get into the device’s chip with firmware hacking. i think it’s possible but no one does it, cuz the chip aren’t probably very accessible if you burn out the eeprom.
thought about this alot with an alesis sr16 drum machine i had for a while.

i don’t think it’s very possible.