Create new instrument on each take

This is somwething that would be great for recording; currently this works only when you start/stop recording.

How about recording a new instrument each time the pattern has finished?

eg. I have a pattern length of 64 - I press record and pick up my guitar…instead of now making one continuous recording, renoise would make a new instrument each time the pattern has finished.

Is this possible?

Well it could be scripted to just chop the ‘sample’ you make in pattern sized chunks. But unfortunately as it stands now that would be a ‘slow’ script. (ie. duplicating a sample or part thereof is x times slower in scripting than natively)
Great idea! +1

PS there was one tool that had an “auto-create-new-patterns” option when recording notes into renoise though, if you see what I mean. Slightly different, but it may help your workflow just as much. It automatically duplicated when you have Esc-Record on. If you use this tool you’ll still record one longer sample, but with Autoseek on you can then still check every pattern quickly. link!

Its a feature that Im sure many people could use; and seems a logical feature for Renoise. Ill take your word for it re: slow scripts!

There is a work around where you can do a long recording that spans several patterns, then sequence it in so that it is in time with the rest of the track.
Now you can solo the track and render the song with the ‘Save each pattern to a separate file’ selected, this will output a file for each pattern.

Alternatively, if you trim your recorded sample so that it is an exact number of beats & bars you can use one of the slicing tools that will divide a sample into an equal number of segments. Then you will have a slice corresponding to each pattern.