Creating A Sound...

I don’t know how familiar any of you are with the Swedish Metal band Dismember, so I’ll post this before I go on. Not because I’m trying to get anyone to “check out” or “like” a Metal band I happen to love, but just for frame of reference…

Dismember: “Of Fire”

Long story short here, I’m trying to create a sound with a VST that sounds like a synth influenced by that guitar sound. The over-exaggerated 1 and 2 khz in particular. If I had a hardware synth, I could just push it through an old Boss HM 2, but I don’t have that capability so I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how I could achieve a synth sound similar to that guitar sound. “Why” I want to do this is an entirely different story…

Hopefully this post makes sense…

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it’s an art to get a really good distorted tone! this tone is heavily scooped… a bit too much for my taste. sounds a bit like entombed’s tone. digitally created tones often sound too “fizzy” even when done with hardware modelers like the pods.

the only digital simulation which i’ve heard of which can rival analogue equipment is the axe-fx.

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Some distortion effects are nice if you reverse the bit range of the sample.
Rename the sample from wav to .smp then import (rightclick file and “load with options”). In the dialog. select bitrate either as unsigned or signed integer (at least pick the correct bitrate) or toggle the Big endian checkbox in the dialog and see what kind of effects that will apply to the sample.

It is another way of distorting samples without using effects.

Thank you. :)

And I’ll try that with a sample to see what I can come up with, although I did build a couple instruments in Reaktor last night that got me pretty close. It still leaves a bit to be desired though as it’s a bit “overdriven” sounding and it chokes up a bit.

That is mostly the problem:the sound chokes on the perimeters of the 0-db line.
If you turn an organ inside out bitwised, you can get some crunchy distorted guitar effect.
(you don’t always have to use a guitar sample to get the same effect)

yea thats right. entombed and dismember use similar technique for the guitars.

basicly its a boss overdrive like sound, but the trick is a mixed-in downpitched source.

again, basicly, you can recreate the setup but you wont get the right sound with synth generated input. overdrive/distortion is highly depending on proper source input.

I’m afraid you’ll have to grab a real guitar with high sustain to get that done.

btw, entomed is my fav. band :D


entombed good stuff : - I for an Eye - come clean - seeing red - shity quality, funny video

couldn’t find the track “when it hits home”, pretty decent one too.

one pretty nice of dismember : - skin her alive

back on topic.

if you’re serious bout’ the sound, do not go with NI guitar rig. tho’ its a funny and useful tool; like mentioned in the other thread about 44/96 whatnot khz rendering, you get a significant different (!) sound at different resolutions.

imho waves gtr is the way to go. try the “solo” version, its free.

Check out Karplus-Strong synthesis on some vst’s (PSPSeq has a nice one, though you need a PSP). NI’s Resochord is great, though I think its no longer on the market, but the idea behind it is also explored here.