creating an fx chain on instrument stops sample playback

Seems like bad behavior, or a bug. So basically on Windows 7, if I load an instrument, and make a pattern on the editor and create and fx chain on the instrument… sample playback stops… same behavior if your patten is on the phrase editor…

(the above link is an image)

(the above link is a renoise song)

I doubt this can be prevented, the fx chain is put in between the audio feed and output. If it would not stop the sample for playing, it would interrupt it anyway causing a click or silence moment for as long as is required to create and assign the fx chain. The chain has to influence the main audiostream which cannot be done if it is not put into it and it cannot be put into it if the stream is not being interrupted first.

<_< I kinda figured… but thought I’d ask anyways… :unsure: