Creating Dsp Chains And Xrni Intstruments

I’ve been trying to figure it out but to no avail. I’d rather create a thread that helps more people than myself than kill my eyes running through the manual. These eyes don’t like the computer monitor these days.

Help? Any quick links or advice for n00bs?

dsp chains: simply switch to dsp chains in disk op - pressing save will save the chain of the currently selected track.

The same goes for xrni, switch to “instrument” in disk op and pressing save will save the currently selected instrument.

Eh? I mean creating my own DSP chains for re-use later on. Either I’ve mis-understood you or you’re talking about it saving the chain with the song.

Disk Op?

Ooops, it’s called disk browser these days :P

Yes, you’ve misunderstood me. Go there, select “DSP chain”, pick a filename and press save. Then load another song, double click the file you just created - tadaa! You have just reused a DSP chain.

Thank you very much. For anyone else that’s having probs with this, the SAVE button is under the list of effects that is already existent.

It really needs to stick out more :D

Thanks Johann

Is this a good way to use when you want to do alternativ mixes on the same project without saving the whole thing over and over again? Or does it just save the DSP chain on the selected track?

I’m trying for the first time to save an instrument I’ve put together. I’ve selected ‘Instrument’ in the disc browser, but the save button stays greyed out whatever I do.

Can anybody suggest why I cannot save my instrument? (I’m running the renoise linux client)

What I had to figure out for myself was you need to manually type in a name before it will let you click the little save button. It will not assume a default name.

Click “DSP Chain” radio in DB > type a name > hit the save button.

(i assume the same for saving instruments)

PROTMAN: Thanks, it seems so obvious when you know how!

I had assumed it’d just save with the instrument’s assigned name, in fact I hadn’t even realised I could type in that bottom box!