Creating Groups

So far, I’ve been using Ctrl-G to create a group from a single track, then dragging other tracks into the group.

However, my first instinct was to drag one track by the header onto another track’s header (think iOS homescreen folders). I then tried the same action with the track scopes :)

One more thing: I then tried to select multiple tracks by Shift/Ctrl-clicking the track headers, after which I would have looked for a context-menu item for “group selected tracks”.

good idea.

Yes, and this works fine already? While dragging, read the tooltip at the bottom of the screen…

The reason for the modifier key is that ordering tracks is more common than grouping them. While testing with grouping as the default action, we ended up with a big mess of sub groups, and most of the alpha testing group didn’t understand how it happened.

^ cool, i didn’t notice that, thanks for pointing that out!

As seen on YouTube. :)

Just Alt+drag a track header in another track and it will create a group ! :slight_smile:

I completely missed that! I should pay more attention :)

my idea

sorry for duplicate