Creating Hardcore Kick With Osc3?

On Youtube I saw this “tutorial”

In Renoise I am trying to create hardcore kicks with, for example the kick of the 909. I think it’s harder because of the lower EO’s that press the other sounds away with a normal kick?

Is there some kind of Osc3 in Renoise to create hardcore kick with in a similar way?

Just download free Drumatic3 vsti and experiment with.
Simple example My link

To make what he made, a square wave with a pitch bend on it:

Grab the square wave chip instrument from the library (or use any square wave sample you have handy or use the sine wave instrument and distort to taste applying the distortion device, or even drawing a wave in the sample editor!)

Add a short pitch envelope and set the volume envelope nicely. See here for how to access them:

You’ll be able to get pretty much there with just that stuff but then…

Resample it
Add some pitch bends etc to that sample using the envelopes
Add fx, Filter, eq distort and resample and tidy it up again
And mess around in the sample editor you can Go crazy shaping things in that… Copying or deleting a cycle or two around the place can be very interesting

@herodotas: can’t get it to work :(

@tris: thank you very much! There’s much more possible then I imagined in Renoise with the standard instruments!

Resample it

When u render it to a sample, the sample is quite fucked up, it sounds totaly differtent then the instrument. Do you know why?

hmm… A simple kick that you have created with a synth, should not audibly change. When you render to sample… So… What is sounding fucked up? If you have fx on the track… they will not render to sample. and watch out for volume. You might be getting a render that is quieter than you think…

but… can you give a better description plz or project file or something. Cause the render to sample… you shouldn’t have noticed any audible change with something like a kick drum. Maybe an ultra complex pad sound, with tons of filter movement, and modulation, lfo’s etc…

Here you go :)

(Renoise 2.8 file)
3503 dblue-hardcore-kick-example.xrns

I started off by recreating the sound in the video quite closely, but to be honest it sounded quite boring and harsh to me. So I’ve also applied a simple volume envelope, plus a small amount of lowpass filtering to give it more character and tone. You can obviously tweak it a bit further to suit your personal needs, but hopefully you can see that this stuff is also quite simple in Renoise :)

now use the draw tool in Renoise’s sample editor while dblue’s example song is playing and record the master out with some recording vst :D , drawing a bunch of vertical spikes can make it sound a lot harsher B)

@2 daze J: don’t know why, but now it renders the sample perfectly. Thanks for your reaction though!

@dblue: thanks for your example. Really nice to see how a kick is created. I always used 909 or premade kicks. It is much more difficult to created real nice kicks, but is much more fun like this :P

I would like to upload my kick for some feedback, how is that possible?

@Djeroek: don’t know how to draw in the sample editor. Used a few buttons, didn’t really improved it though whehehe