Creating Multi-Sample Xrnis - Some Things To Iron Out

The new keyzones has spoiled us… see now we want to use renoise for far more than before, but there are a few workflow issues which could stand to be ironed out:

I’m converting folders of loops into kits. I want them all to sync to tempo, and I want them all to loop.

  1. Oh I wish I could just drag said folder to a (no longer existent) sample bank under the instruments, but I’ll live…[/s] ok. right click, load files as taktik suggests below x’s this out

  2. Why are new instruments set to “plugin” instruments by default now? was this intentional? I don’t use VSTIs… pretty much… ever!

  3. What’s with the “(none)” sample that must always be deleted after dragging a group of wav files into the new sample box way at the bottom of the screen?

4) please for the love of cthulhu give me SOME way to set all samples of a given xrni’s looping attributes in one fell swoop… the way it is now will never do… like I really want to go and select every single keyzone and click around on a couple of drop downs for each one… you think I have time to kill or something??? edit: tried shift selecting samples. praise cthulhu. This one’s solved.

Have you tried, in the instrument settings…

selecting from a beginning to an end using SHIFT ?

selecting multiple individual samples using CTRL ?

Great. Thanks for the obvious suggestion ;p… wheew. that’s a relief!

Now what’s up with that “none” sample in the sample list of a fresh instrument bank? I get that it’s placeholder, but why isn’t said placeholder removed when actual samples are dragged into the sample slots? It’s an annoying step to go and select “none” and remove it before creating a drum kit starting on C4, otherwise C4 will be accounted for in the keyzones and C4 will trigger - you guessed “none”! That’s silly business.

Overall I wish the process of selecting a folder of wav files and creating a drumkit or distributing them was a bit more streamlined… I have LOTS of folders of wav files I’m setting up as xrnis and these little things add up into a measurable waste of time.

I also dearly wish that there could be some way to create velocity zones for xrnis we created ages ago from akai or gigasampler samples before renoise had keyzones. . . I have very expensive orchestral samples I invested a lot of money in (and time) and the only way I was ever able to use them previously in renoise was to use my Akai Z8 sampler as a midi device OR to create multiple xrnis for the different velocity zones. Since the akai is up on ebay as we speak I would love to be able to somehow merge xrnis, so celloSustain_p.xrni celloSustain_mp.xrni, celloSustain_mf.xrni and celloSustain_forte.xrni could be combined into one xrni, with the dynamics corresponding to the appropriate keyzone. Obviously the user would have to specify which keyzone the xrni would be assigned to.

many points here, I hope they are understood.

In B5, all you have to do is selecting more than one sample in the disk browser, then right click “Load Files”. This will even create a drum kit for them. A drum kit is maybe not what you always want but that’s impossible to “guess” so you anyway have to tweak the key zones afterwards manually.

I think Extreme Sample converter will iron that one out when Renoise 2.7 has been settled down.
Though the real AKAI CD binary format descriptions are as far as i know still not available on the net. The AKAI sample-disc (SC) format however is known.
I don’t know about gigaSampler, but usually a developer who want to become allowed using these kind of formats have to pay big bucks for licenses in order to incorporate the support of the binary format of commercial sample library packs.

But i do hope some more import options like these AKAI (the SC floppies) and NKI (user patches), battery and SFZ / SF2 would be supported in one of the future editions of Renoise.

That’s been my hope too… I’ve been checking their site every day since the renoise 2.7 beta hit… Has anyone from renoise actually been in contact with the developer of ESC on incorporating XRNI2.0’s features/abilities? I’ve sent em a few emails since 2.7 and have never heard back.

Ironically i had -just- spent about 2 weeks of hour long bus commutes to/from work converting 40GBs of AKP’s to XRNIs in ESC 3.6.0… not a week before renoise 2.7 beta was released. =)

any answers on #2 or #3?

Thanks for the incredible work and always being open to constructive criticisms to help improve the program!

Even if we report the change, i think they won’t do any earlier update than when Renoise 2.7 Final is hitting the “shelves”.
And then they might not even release an update earlier than when they would have done all the changes they would like to have performed. (their world is certainly not running around Renoise ;))