Creating Multiple Velocity Instruments

Hello All!

I’m not sure if this is a beginners question, but since I don’t know Renoise that well I thought I would post here.

I’m trying to build some multi velocity layered instruments by dragging samples into the keyzone area. I was just wondering if it is possible to drag a selection of the same note but not mapping it automatically to keyzone but to velocity? So vertically instead of horizontally.

I hope I’m clear…?



Don’t know about “automatic” but once you’ve put the sample on the instrument you can drag its velocities up and down to taste.

Yep I know about that but was just wondering if there is an easier/quicker way.

I do not think that, there is a shortcut keyboard to change the behavior of the mouse, when you drag a sample onto the keyzone palette… Perhaps this may be of interest if you have not, already read it…

I have read it several times, and just read it again… erm… its still interesting.