Creating The Gui For A Tool Or Scripting?

I have just submitted the tool to the renoise team. I will put a short video online soon as possible…

Maybe smart to first post beta’s in the tool forum before submitting to the tools page. Looking good btw :)

Great stuff!

What Jonas said. It’s always good to start with a file attachment in a thread to iron out any kinks with other users.

I’ve looked at your tool and have found some minor packaging issues. You have “junk” files in there (Example: __MACOSX/Bitmaps/._.DS_Store) These are hidden OSX files that aren’t hidden on Widows and Linux.

You can get rid of them with something like Zip Cleaner.

I’m not sure if this is OK to approve. Will wait on other teamsters for their feedback.


good idea! , Kieran also recommended the same. I will upload to