Crescendo / Decrescendo

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What is the best way to realize crescendos ? For the first bar (upbeat), which started with a crescendo, I simply used automation of the the pre-mixer of the respective track. But I guess, that this is not such a good solution, not sure about that. I use a VSTi. The velocity of the instrument is not a good solution, as there are only 3 or 4 different velocity steps, hence if I use the volumn column, most of the time there will be no change and then suddenly a big velocity-jump occurs…terrible. The pattern effects don’t work (fade-in: Ixx), as it is not a sample, but a plug-in. I thought about converting it to samples, but I guess this will not work, BECAUSE the plug-in knows different articulations of the instrument (here: legato), and this means the different notes belong to each other and smooth transitions are calculated by the plug-in. This will most probably not work by “artificial” sample extraction. What do you think ?

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If the plugin is so sophisticated, why does it only share 4 velocity layers? what plugin is this, perhaps someone can help you out with it?

It is the plug-in of the Vienna Symphonic Library. Well, I think (please correct me, if I am wrong) that I have to send MIDI-messages to the plug-in with some meta device to control the velocity inside the plug-in. The plug-in offers some technique called Velocity-X-Fade I just found out, which should be able to realize nice crescendos. I will try this when I am back home. The only question left is which control change code to select and how to handle this process using Renoise.

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The cc message to use for specific effects is usually described in the manual of the plugin.
Regarding sending them can be done in two ways:
If you want to automate through the pattern effect column:…s#MIDI_Commands

If you want to automate through automation:…nt_MIDI_Control

I implemented the MIDI control automation as it possesses higher resolution. I have to adjust the velocity curve almost for every single note. Having all this in the pattern editor I would get mad.

Thanks for your help !