Crime Of The Century

hi folks.
inspired by lot of evil men i made this track to make your ears bleed and let your nightmares come true!

Jealousy - Crime of the century

This is absolutely amazing. I have just fallen…


featured evil men: jeffrey dahmer, ed gein, richard speck, albert fish

that’s it? 109 views, 3 replies… seems to be an international problem with getting reviews…

Hey Jealousy - 100% with you on the “comment” issue - I’ll take a listen later this evening and send you some comments - the community needs to step it up to give the producers fair and constructive feedback - thats what this forum is for.

just because you have views on a thread doesn’t mean people downloaded the track. i for one don’t check stuff out unless it’s streamable (or something i practically know i will like)

i read this forum from work so i don’t want to download from random sites. got tired of the download->add to player->delete routine.

so, if you want to increase the probability of a review add both! (= had to download this on of course since i wrote a reply. :>>>

not my thing really. i’m with matt though, some bass would make it fatter. cheers!

yes it’s phantasm. thanks for commenting :)

I’m actually the opposite, I will rarely listen to a track unless it’s downloadable and I can put it on in my own time. Often read here at work or between doing other stuff when I really don’t have much chance to give things a proper, critical listen. Although this approach has meant I’ve got a lot of old tunes to try and work through at some point…

Nice beat programming …But not to much variation
About the melody …hmmm …well there’s not so much to say about it is there ? E,B,C,A,B,G,F#,D

righty right ;)

The beat programming is out of time with the choir boy sample in the beginning and lacks groove… Also, the beat stands alone in the mix compared to everything else which is dreamy and reverby.
Overall the production is aggressive, fitting the genre, but just drowned in distortion. It needs bass to glue it all together. That melody needs a bit of variation too, or just more expression with volume so it doesnt sound so programmed and feels a bit more live. ATM it just sounds like a riff chucked on top of a break rather than a glorius overflowing river of styxx!
The mad rip just before halfway through is a little bit OTT, as are various bits afterward! I nearly pulled off my headphones (but maybe that’s just me)
Overall, it has teh vibez…but lacks the wax and sheen…Some atmospheric noises will fill the gaps in the structure, and help create a sense of variation, and some chords?? a rumbling subby bass?
Honestly though, this is just my opinion…i just thought i’d type it seeing as you wanted critique.

thanks. i tried to put some bass in before i finished the song, but i just couldn’t get it sound right -.- on the one hand, the bass was too silent, on the other hand when too loud, it fucked all other frequencies…

I think that is because you used distortion on your breaks.

Distortion is the enemy. If you can produce breakcore without distortion you can make your songs more balanced (nice baselines, some high notes here and there)
This will also make your sound stand out of the rest. (is that good english?)
What I mean is lots of breakcore of a lot of producers sounds the same because everyone uses the same breaks and distortion.
It’s too easy to make your song aggressive with distortion but it sounds better if it is aggressive without distortion.

it’s not a coincidence that mr venetian snares is the most respected breakcore producer. He knows to avoid the distortion ;)

but… maybe that is just my opinion…

the problem is, i didn’t use any disto fx on the breaks. the sample itself is extremely distorted. found it years ago in an .xm-file…
well i think i know what to try in the next songs :)

from the rest.

Some good points in there though.

With the exception of Lo-Fi Mat on the master of course!