Cristian Vogel On Renoise

In case you missed it, we have a new Artist In:Depth out, this time featuring Cristian Vogel:–-cristian-vogel/



awesome, thanks for that.

Tidy article. I enjoyed reading about his passion for Renoise. :)

Indeed a nice article.
Music is not totally my style though, but it doesn’t bother me either while playing in the backgound…

my favorite techno artist!!! thnx guys for interview!!!

Looks like Roberto Benigni.

Great. I’ve always been fascinated with his music, since hearing his “Absolute Time” album.

With GridPie etc, improvisation in Renoise isn’t that far away. ;)


recently heard his remix of Thom Yorke’s track Black Swan, and it is awesome.

listen this Vogel remix