Cross Platform Project Management

Don’t know how many users out their are potentially going to be using Renoise on all OS versions but I’m potentially going to be one of them. So I have a few questions about managing specific song projects between multiple workstations& operating systems. So far I’ve been creating tracks using samples. Up until now its all been on one mac box. When I want to work on this same project on my linux box I would need of course to bring not only my save file but all the samples as well. Now since the samples will inevitably be in different locations on each box is their a way to map the program to the right samples w/in the song/project?

Renoise song files, otherwise known as XRNS, are ZIP archives that contain an XML document and Samples (copy an XRNS, rename it to ZIP, look inside).

If you are only using samples, they will be saved inside the XRNS. You don’t need to do anything to manage them. It’s a self contained package.

The caveats of using multiple operating systems come when using 3rd party plug-ins and instruments.

These plug-ins and instruments are not saved in the XRNS, just their settings are. The same plug-in on Mac or Windows or Linux might not use the same parameters (or even have the same name) from one OS to an other. Different versions of the same plug-in on the same OS tend to also do this.

Good times.

how awesome. I figure eventually I’ll find the need for external plug-ins/instruments (alot of my producer buddies insist I will) but for now I’m having hella fun w/samples.

yeah for multiple OS only use renoise internal effects and samples and you will have no problems or compatiblity issues whatsoever.

in this manner of operation all the problems come from using plugins.

cuz when al the developers compile the plugins, they make little changes like the difference between “synth_problem” & “synth-problem”

that naming convention makes vst hosts like renoise not able to recognize the registered plugin as being the same.

when you say arranger…you mean a feature like in ableton?