[cruncher:] Front 242-headhunter (plugexpert Rmx)

my remix of : “front 242’s - headhunter” track ,for UK’s Future Music mag can be found here:


it’s the instr. version , tomorow I’ll prolly dub some of my vocals on top , for extra retro rock vibe . I dunno about this one, been hearing it all day in my quest to finish the f****er, so my ears are kinda tired of it. Lemme know what ya’ll think of it , aight?


come on guys, it isn’t that bad is it? btw the beats aretracked in madtracker , melodies exported to wav in aodix , sequenced and mastered in cubase.

If you want it to be easier for other users to download the mp3.file (I know alot of people, like myself, are lazy when it comes to “searching” for right link to push") just right click the direct link, find the adress, and put it up instead…

Right click this and choose save target as to download the song

Gonna listen now while eating breakfast and give you my opinion shortly


ALright, listening.

This is not really the type of music I listen to, so I’m no expert in this “area” :blink: What I can tell from listening though is that alot of work has been put into it, since it changes alot. What I like the most though, is the sound of the drums. The bass drum has a really nice compressed thump to it. Nice panning work too!

That voice is pretty freaky hehe, I like this one jonas!

Keep it up!

PS: did you use renoise at all in this release?

Happy new years!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Ah, I realy have to listen to this. Front 242 is one of my old favorites, one of thouse groups that formed my whole taste in music :)

w8 a minute and I’l listen…

I’m impressed. Very well done indeed (even if nothing beats the original Version 3.0 ;))! However I think the soundscape could be a bit more mellow on some parts. I also think the arrangment is a bit confusing some times, but that just probably because I think of the original when I’m listening to it. ;)
I’m looking forward to listen to more of your work mate. ;)

btw, thanks dufey for the direct link ;)

yeah, dufey thnx for the direct link , will remember it for future spam actions! :slight_smile: nope , I didn’t use renoise at all in this one , started on the remix before I had dl-ed the demo of renoise…am working on a few ideas right now in it tho and I haven’t touched madtracker since :slight_smile: . Shame my cpu usage is easily maxed. Need to upgrade soon.

  • cheers for the comments twilek!

happyyy newwyeaarrrrrrrr

Sounds like a soundcollage. Interesting and very nice sounds, but the line of the track is a little bit drifting away. Anyway, good work.