Ctrl+click To Move Effect All The Way To The End

Maybe there is a way to do this, which I am not aware of.
But I find myself moving effect plugins to the left and right a lot - especially during mastering - and I think it will not hurt if the moving arrow buttons will respond to Ctrl+Click.
Ctrl+Clicking the left arrow will move it to be the first and right arrow, to be the last.

Rightclick on the arrows is your firend. ;)

HUH! Tried everything but that!
Renoise designers are definitely more borg than humans… :)

didn’t i put that in the manual?

You may have, but I thought I invented this behavior, so I did not think of looking.

But, looking now in the offline manual for 1.9.1, in section 9 (Effects)
I see two places where I think this should have been mentioned:

You can change the order of effects by dragging effects in between other effects.
You can also apply shortcut keys to move effects (lctrl-left or lctrl-right).


The other options every effect has in common are the buttons to shift the effect through the rack (exchanging with the right or left effect), remove it, and enable or disable the effect for the current track.

Both in section 9.1

That was actually a hint for me, because i didn’t.
But currently it is underneath the image where all arrows are described inside the image.

Yeah, I was not sure if this was a mental note for you or RTFM for me, so I replied for both occasions… :)