Ctrl+d in sampler/sample window do not work?

When in left “samples” window you select a sample and press ctrl+d it does not duplicate, instead it makes drumkit in next window?

The same shorcut in both windows but works only for one window,
also very annoying to dublicate sample with mouse and only one by one sample, probably you shoud add posibility to dublicate more than one sample set…

I need instrument to have multiple identical samples with velocity filter, so velocity could mimic polyfonic feature, for every individual key.

Posibly just shortcut for duplicating samples dont work. Tried to change drumkit distribution shorcut, but nothing changed for the sample duplication…

You’ll need to set keyboard focus to the sample list first: Alt click or right click “Set focus here”, or turn “View” -> “Lock keyboard focus”, then single click.

Damn, sorry, forgot that feature, THANKS!.. but duplication of multiple selected samples is still welcome :)/>