Cubase With Renoise Slave

Hi there
I’ve been trying recently to get Cubase SX 5.1 to sync up with renoise 2.7.

I’ve hit a few problems and i dont really know what’s going on, i think maybe it’s my sound card, but it might be settings in cubase or renoise.

What i did was follow the steps in -TK-s post but i end up with a set up thats synced, but kind of unusable.

I can only play when my cubase screen is up front, but renoise does run when it plays as the cursor will move each time i play a bit in cubase.
I’d like it so i can hit play in either of the apps and it’ll start running since switching screens just to hit play all the time seems a bit annoying.

Also renoise isnt able to actually find a rewire device to get audio from (when i try to use the rewire input device on one of the renoise tracks)

Is there perhaps anyone that can explain to me how i get the audo from cubase into renoise tracks, i want to use dBlue glitch in renoise to muck up some sounds and perhaps have renoise play the drums of my songs so i can use the codes to cut them up. in the end i do want to be able to export the project with cubase to an audio file.

I figured i’d need cubase set up as master and renoise as slave, but so far no luck. i can’t seem to load my midi driver in renoise to do anyhting when it slave.

I’ve got a terratec phase 88 soundcard, and my worry was maybe it didnt work with multiple applications at once, i did tick the release midi driver box in cubase, but that also didnt fix my problem.

thanks for readin and hope someoen can amke sense of this all :D

Nopes, you need to set up Renoise as master and use Cubase as a slave and in Cubaser you would be needing to set up channels to pass to Renoise in order to be able to route your audio to Renoise.
All audio goes to the master and the master controls in most cases everything. Start or stopping the transport is one of the exceptions but freedom of this part is also limited.

But can Cubase be set as a slave? because that is a difficulty of its own in ReWire, some hosts only support Master or Slave position in ReWire

At least to open a host as a ReWire slave for Renoise, you don’t open the slave host yet, but you add a ReWire device to one of your tracks and then select the host name in that list (if it is listed).
As soon as you have selected the host in the dropdown list, the host will be automatically loaded as a slave.
Then you need to set the specific properties in the Slave host in order to allow Renoise getting its audio and midi data and perhaps even instrument references.

Based on my experience, Cubase will only work as a Rewire master.

Basically, Cubase can send MIDI and pointer information to Renoise and will allow Renoise to send audio back into it.

Unless the borg have completely overhauled the Rewire engine since C4 (when I abandoned it), Cubase will not allow a Rewire client (I use this term because I detest the word slave) to send pointer data to it. This probably explains why the Cubase window has to have focus for it to work.

With Reaper, it is uber-easy to get the Rewire thing to work. I don’t remember how Cubase did it, but it seems to me it was cumbersome.

Thanks alot for the tips and info, was hitting my head agains the wall :D I think it should be possible to have cubase as a rewire client but im not sure if it was reason or cubase i had working as a slave once, and otherwise i’ll need to just work out the tracks in the seperate daws and export / import wavs :) Shoudl work the same ,but takes a bit of time and effort :D