From my weekend experience at the X (X-2010)

You gotta love this…



I remember listening to his demo or musicdisc, His masters Noice with Kaktus and Mahoney.

Now he also made a c64 mp3 player!

Yeah, was quite a blast at the party. When Mixer/Origon showed me the handout before the demo compo I could hardly believe this is ever going to work on a stock c64 machine. Unbelievable.

that gave me goose bumps…

The fact that you can even manipulate the stuff using your joystick in the end makes this pretty subleme. For a 0.833Mhz machine with less than 53Kb of workspace and only 13 assembly instructions do do all that stuff…
Makes me thinking… what the hell do all these folks at Ableton and Steinberg do to require thousands of herz more for the same kind of processing?
What if we could do the same stuff using 13 assembly instructions on an Intel multicore CPU?
The opportunities to write something that either works very fast or a thousand times more efficient are pretty much around as much as oxygen cells swirming around in the air.
Well, okay, considering we need 64-bit processing, means we require 8 times more the processing time (would be like ~7Mhz) and perhaps 8 times the assembly lines. (104 instructions)
Is still loads less than the current Intel CPU can handle.

Yeah, what the hell are they doing…

Impressive what some guys still get out of the good old breadbin… :drummer: