Cursor Jump Along Undo.

How bout when undoing edit when not recording real time would throw the cursor to the position of undoing. Would make redoing notes and chords much less hassle for example.

I like the idea, but what does “realtime recording” mean?

Recording notes to patterns while playing with keyjazz on. Sorry for the fuzzy logic. :)

Edit: original post deleted, new idea came to mind:

What if this behaviour is only active while Renoise isn’t playing?

Yea I like it.

Sometimes it might be useful and sometimes no. If it would be implemented it would need an enable/disable option IMO.

How about enabling along pattern follow disabling? Helps also keeping track what is undone when undoing multiple things in a row?

since Renoise always plays the current pattern, enabling cursor moving when pattern following is disabled would still have the unwanted consequence that, if the undo has effect on a pattern other than the current, the play position will jump to the pattern where the undo change happened, so cursor moving should also be disabled completely during play and/or disabled if the undo action is not related to the current pattern.

take also in mind that not every undo operation is 100% associable with a single pattern row; for example, when you undo the cutting of a block, should the cursor be moved to the beginning or to the end of the block? There are more examples of this ambiguity (cloning/copying/cutting of entire patterns, for example).
I’m pretty sure that such a feature would be more confusing than helpful, because is desirable only in certain circumstances and its ideal behavior is too subjective.

+1, I’m quite often lost where in what pattern the undo was done. +100000000 for decoupled play/edit cursor ;)


absolutly something i would be interested in, i get confused alot of times
when undoing.

Maybe a different shortcut? Ctrl-z for undo, shift-ctrl-z for undo with cursor jump?