Custom Automation Space

Heya guys.
This idea struck me all of a sudden like a lightning… I hope nobody came with anything similar anywhere else on the forum. In case, I apologize (no, I did not had too much of a deep search, herm)
I was thinking about the automation editor and about possible ways to improve it… and it just came to my mind something like this:

You press on the leftmost list and select a parameter for your automation.
The space on the right is our well-known automation space, where you shape the automation envelope. The leftmost point of that space is the beginning of the pattern. The rightmost point of that space is the end of our pattern. Every dot in the middle is one line of the pattern. Vertically you have the value of the parameter you’re automating.

You press on the leftmost list and select a parameter for your automation.
The space on the right can now be customized.
The leftmost point in the envelope editor it can be the beginning of our pattern… but the rightmost (the last) point of the envelope editor is not necessarily linked to the end of the starting pattern anymore… you can click on arrows and select which patternstep of your song this automation is going to end on (on the last line of that pattern), including the last patternstep of your song, pretty much like the instrument editor is doing already with vol… or pan envelope.

How about displaying automation for several patterns at once? That’d be the best of both worlds I guess (what pattern would an automation that spans several patterns “belong” to?).

You mean zoom options in the automation window?
That has been suggested many times. B)
It could be something like this?

I’m all for a multiuse of the automation window as well.
I skeched some of these ideas in this thread.

That just makes me drool :o insane pix0ling there!

Statement 1:



Better improvement
automation based upon ticks (like the instrument envelopes are) and scaling factors / zoommode using at least a horizontal scroller.

hmmm… yes, I can see that… but wouldn’t that mess things up a little? I mean… division per patterns works just fine to me… even when I’m not intended to animate params till the very end of the pattern… I can live with some empty tick at the end of it…

If a tick-based system is developed I would certainly appreciate as it would allow song-long automations… and the tick-based fine-adjust would certainly be of use… but still I would keep an option to have Renoise adding “automation space” ahead in the measure of “entire patterns” also instead of just ticks.
Just for a matter of quick-editing.