Custom Labels/titles For Plugins

Pretty much as the title suggests. It would be nice to be able to change what the labels for plugins say once they are loaded into a song (on a per-song basis). This would be especially useful for plugs that have more than one use, for example, for Ohmicide you may want to add ‘Distortion’ or ‘Compression’ to the title.

absolutely agree. I wanted to suggest this since ages, but always forgot to :)

another usage case for this feature is when you have multiple MidiCCdevice’s on the same track because you use each of them to control a different instrument. As of now, you get a list such as this:
MidiCCdevice (1)
MidiCCdevice (2)

which is not really informative.

giving user the ability to rename DSP devices would be very good.

Always wanted this too.

Also to show where send devices go.

Yeah im all for this !
Also renaming of the VSTI names without f****ing up. Correct me if im wrong but
if i want a VSTI to have a different name in the VSTI select scrolllist i have to manually
rename the vsti dll itself. Problem with this is that if i reinstall a vsti and load an old
song renoise doesent reckognise the name and the vsti doesent load. Seems
that all VSTI instruments that are loaded in a song is hardcoded against its dll name.
This really gave me a headache when i reinstalled my computer and none of my old song loaded correctly ;)

It would be great to be able to sort/rename directly in this list without messing up linking.


+1 deep from the heart.

This would be handy, so I agree also.


I’ve suggested this multiple times, once as part of my idiot idea for a script language (ID names for devices to refer to them in script).



definately a +1 here… for me it would be useful pretty much as Skunk said, Instead of Orchestral,1,2,3,etc, i would get Violas+Cellos, Bassoon, Contrabass, etc. much nicer.


+1 w0rd!