Custom Notes For Effect Instances

so you instead of just “Filter 3 (2)” you can have “Filter 3 (2) (for the sweep at 0:37)”

I guess most of the times one wouldn’t need it… but there are moments where having that would be a big help…

the ability to rename plugs has been highly requested by me in the past. expecially useful for MidiCCDevice users

I’m not sure what you are asking for here Johan. You’d want to have an effect to affect only one note / a specific time in the pattern editor? couldn’t you just add a new channel with the effect, and isolate that note on it?

jonas: with “notes” he doesn’t mean the musical notes, but “text annotations”: basically he would like to be able to associate a label to an effect

Yeah, to a specific instance of an effect, that is. The possibility renaming or an additional field, both would be fine by me.

Thumbs up! Pretty frustrating if you have 8 send devices on a channel and try to automate them without having an idea where they go since it can’t be made out from dsp list.

Yes! Logic, simple and effective! And I would probably use it all the time.