Custom Pattern Effects?

Hi, does anyone know if theres a quick way to load custom effects made into renoise, i guess what i mean is say you have made some good drum rolls you like is there a quick way to insert them rather than typing it out again and again. Like a paste from saved text file or something, some 3d programs save macro’s of actions and so does photoshop also would it be possible to have something similar in renoise, like a simple way to have a collection of saved effects or patterns that can be quickly loaded again, that would be great :D :yeah:

This will be an NE option:
Paste the clipboard contents in a notepad and save it to a text file.
Then you can load it again next time in your fav. text editor, copy the contents back to the clipboard and paste it again anywhere you like.

Oh cool so i can just save a collection of text files and all i have to do is copy the text then use paste in renoise?
What format should i save as? it would have to be a complete line? notes effects ect?

The format is XML which is just generally text-based, so if you don’t change anything in the structure and save it as plain text, you don’t need to worry about it.

Ok cool, is it possible to export a track/beat to text format from Renoise somehow then? Or would i have to type everything into a text file to do this?

For pattern selections you can copy anything related to the pattern and automation data and do on-the-fly actions (without needing to save and reload your song that is…) with it in any external editor that is written for it.

Complete song-tracks require an external tool to process your saved songfile.

I was amazed with beta when I coppied some pattern data and pasted into notepad… it was like POOF XMLBASEDPATTERNDATA!

Yeh… now you can access Renoise song data from virtually anything. This is really going to open up a shitload of opportunities.