Custom Sample Editor Playmarker Color

I wanted to edit a track for a dj set today in renoise as the editor is pretty good.
Now a not such a nice thing:
If imported a large file that is envolved in the loudwars you can not see
in the sample editor which part is played back when hitting enter to play the sample.
The playcursor (? can not come up now with a better name) is the same colour as
selection back .
So i can only see which part is played back when zoomed in and there is some headroom.

I’m not sure whether cursor is on top of or beneath the sample, being their both white. It would be possible to see the cursor if theme customization allowed separate colors for the sample and cursor. Looking through the included themes and manual options, this doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment.

This would be a great script for someone to contribute. Unfortunately I don’t know lua very well so I can’t help, neither do I know if this is even possible given the current api.

edit: from scripting introduction.txt: “What’s NOT possible with Renoise tools: Change Renoise’s existing behaviour. Like, you can’t make all C-4s in the pattern editor yellow instead of white. You can write your own pattern editor, but not change the existing one.”

still not aware if theme adjustments of a more general nature (i.e. cursor color in sample editor) are possible.


this can indeed be a bit annoying, but in general its not a problem, and we’d like to do a few other related issues in the sample editor as well. So let us please postphone this to the next release NOT do anything for 2.7 now.

Allright . thank you for taking time to read my post.

taktik is much like the god of renoise. he giveth, yet he postponeth away (though almost always delivers the goods). much better than the god of the abrahamic religions.

cheers CLAPZ for bringing this to light.