Cut Note After X Ticks / Retrigger

Before 1.9, you could do

C-4 F4 E08 (cut note after 4 ticks, retrigger it after 8 ticks)

This no longer works, and I’d like to know if it’s going to stay that way?

Just so I know wether I should “update” my tracks or just wait it out.

yes, this has been changed. the change has been proposed by me, but it’s of course subject to open discussion.

I find the new behaviour to be more consistent with what Fx normally does, i.e.: cuts notes.

the new behaviour could let you for example retrigger only the first two notes of a triplet with:

C-4 F4 0E02 F106  

your example could still be written as:a double note delay.

let’s discuss it, and sorry if this was not listed amongst the changes.

It is listed on the wiki changelog.

Which is very useful, I agree. Actually, yay :D

I don’t understand what that means though, can you rephrase?

well, actually I was simply wrong (hard day was yesterday, and I’m awake at 5:30AM :))

what you were doing with F4 E08 can only be obtained in 1.9b1 by splitting the row in two.

basicaly the problem with the old behaviour is that it had some bugs. after some discussions, we decided to fix it the way it is now, which you too find useful.

would it be a problem if we keep this as is it now?

some other changes with other commands will take place in the future, but we will probably create a compatibility mode for 1.x modules, and the changes will be 100% good.

No, not at all, at least not for me. I recall wanting to do what is possible now (retriggering only until the cutoff).

Maybe I could write a php script to detect it though.

Cheers! Will the effect column ever be 5 or 6 digits wide, by the way? That would solve so many limitations in one go…

Considering you can always download old versions, I really don’t think you should worry too much about backwards compatibilty (of course it’s always a nice bonus). I have some tracks that work only under 1.5 (probably because they depend on VST-bugginess that got fixed or something) -> I have them clearly marked as such, and would never hesitate to do that again when Renoise makes a big jump.