Cut / Trim / Copy / Paste / Mix-paste Icons Too Confusing

Ok , i use these buttons A LOT for cutting breaks apart and general sampling…
and before i get called a ‘noob’ im a seasoned tracker user and have been since 1992

But im FOREVER clicking the wrong ones because they look far too similar and are too close together!

Is there any way we can make the button images easier to understand at a glance (excluding the Cut Icon because that is pretty obvious)


group the Cut / Copy / Paste together and move the (lesser used) Trim / Mix-Paste icons further away ??

Dont know what anyone elses thoughts are on this ?

Kindest Regards…

Yeah they are a bit confusing.

I cant think of a solution, but I support a fix!

Calling you a noob would be rude and uncalled for, but I do have to ask: surely a seasoned tracker would be using the far more efficient keyboard shortcuts by now? Not only will you save yourself from the headaches the buttons are causing you, but you’ll speed up your workflow in the process.

Anyway, speaking of the buttons themselves… I think the cut/copy/paste icons are totally fine - they’re pretty much exactly what you’d find in countless other apps, so there’s no problem with legibility there for me. I think trim is also ok and the same icon can be found in other sound editors. Mix-paste is really the only one I had to think about for a moment, but hovering the mouse cursor over it revealed the tooltip and then it made sense.

Really though, I literally never even use the buttons. Shortcuts for the win :D I highly recommend you give them a try.


what dblue said :slight_smile:

Dblue, if you never use the buttons you wouldnt know what i mean !!!.. i prefer to use buttons and always have done

ill give the keyboard shortcuts a bash but i still think something could be done to make these icons easier to identify at a glance? either changing the mix-paste icon, moving it further away (i hardly ever use it) and maybe swap the cut and trim buttons around , so Cut/Copy/Paste are together ???

I hope im not the only one who struggles LOL!!

how about going to your renoise folder (renoise/skin/icons) and changing the bmp images for those buttons?

it’s hard to think of clearer symbols as they are limited to 17x16 pixels.
maybe the mixpaste icon could be replaced by the pictogramm of a kitchen mixer :wink:

i’m a keyboard shortcut user too.