Cute Electro Pop?

hello boys and girls!?

listen to my new song Bloom. I cant deside what genre to put on this one. Help me :)

It’s a cute melody with agressive sounds in the background.

anyway, i hope you like it.

maybe you could add it to “acid” genre?

nice sounding, anyway, very personal.

This is the song from you I like the most.

finaly i succeeded satisfy It-Alien :yeah:


interesting… the “acid” genre. make a note of

hey, really a cute track. has a lot spirit, it gives me a good feeling.

Really great track. :)

I agree with It-Alien, this is my favorite song from You. The bassline sounds acidy but the song sounds more like Synthpop or Futurepop to me, sounds kind of like Apoptygma Berzerk. Sweet sounding melodies against more agressive sounds. I guess it could fit in the “electronic/electronic” section also?

Great song structure. :P

nope never heard of them.
will check them upp though.

thanx for all the positive feedback :wub:

What Vst/Samples You use on this one? :)

for some reason i almost never use vst or vsti’s.

right now i’m making all my samples in reaktor and that includes the drums.

for the vocals i tried a lot of different vocoders and finally decided to use the one in Reason.

it’s hard to explain how i make my samples, it’s a loooong process of effecting and transforming in reaktor and wavelab

Reactor is very cool, I would like to use it but I spent all my money on Reason and a new motherboard :(

Tom Shear of A23 uses it allot and VNV Nation’s last album was almost completely done with Reactor.

i deliberately putt the “bassy sound” some milliseconds wrong to give the song a more impulsive live feeling