Cuting Samples, Clicks


when a sample begins with a sound not starting from center in the editor, will it then click in theory,I am not sure I can hear it when mixed, but I remember reading about it would create arrows. Would it be better zooming as close in as possible and the make a small fade in.


Is this a question?

Because you give the answer yourself :P

if it is: yes, fade in and fade out is the way to get the clicks away.

yes it was a question, thanx, I dont understand way hits on sample cds not are fixed in the ends, this will mean a lot of work, the most of my hits starts with clicks then

zoom with levels not length.

i mean vertical you will see where to cut. using the 0 crossing tool you can find the point quickly.
if the beginings of the samples are already lost, then what you wrote is a viable solution.

thanx, that 0 crossing tool, where do I find that ?

right here:

looks like this during drop down:

great, thanx