Cutting Samples And Saving As New Sample

I feel like a complete tool, but I guess the only way to learn is to ask dumb questions. I’ve watched the tutorial videos, and read the manual, but I can’t figure this out and it seems so simple… oh well.

In sample mode, I get a sample, and edit it, cut it and whatever. How can I save the new sample and use that?

sorry for being a noob.

Review the picture above;
Saving a sample step by step:

1 - Select the sampleslot that contains the sample that you want to save
2 - Select the “Sample” radio button on the left panel of the diskbrowser that you see above (currently “Instument” is selected)
3 - Click the filename textline on the bottom middle next to the diskicon you see in the picture and type in the name you want to use for saving.
4 - The diskicon that displayed grey turns white as soon as you have typed somthing in the filename textline. As soon as you click on this diskicon, the sample will be saved (as WAV) onto the disk under the name you entered in that textfield.

Perhaps in the future drag and drop will be extended that you can save samples as easy as you can load them. (by just dragging them into the folder panel) but for now this is the way to do it.

You don’t need to call yourself a noob, filesaving just does not work that intuitive currently.
Dumb questions are questions that folks keep for themselves instead of asking them.


I hope filesaving will get easyer in the future. I always have to look back at the forums when I want to save something. I keep forgetting it :P

Then turn on the autobackup feature, it will do it automatically for you every x minutes.

instead of enabling autobackup, you could also press the universal keycombo: ‘ctrl+s’ to automatically save your songs.

I know how to save my songs but I meant saving an instrument.

anyhow thanx for the suggestion because I can also load samples out of songs in the browser.

( damn I learn so much in this forum :) )

Develop a crack-like addiction to ctrl+s and soon a renoise ninja you will be :ph34r:

Seriously tho it takes no time to just fire off that hotkey combo and it both ensures your constantly saving your work but more importantly constantly THINKING about saving your work (think about it).

Dont forget to save as a different dated version of the song as well so you can always go back a save if you go off on too a severe tangent. Of course if thats what your aiming for then disregard completely.

Edit: Sorry charly was too quick to post my reply, didnt see your response re:already know how to save.

thanks a lot for your help, sorry for my slow reply